My Son’s Party

Recently my son turned 21, and was heading to join the police. He had always said, even as young as age three, that he wanted to be a police officer. It must be something in the genes, for his grandfather, and great grandfather were both police officers.

At age nine, we enrolled him in a new program funded by our local police force, called police explorers. This program was designed to teach young children all aspects of becoming a police officer. To show them some of the things that the police deal with on a daily basis.

He loved the program and was enrolled in it all throughout his school education. As a senior, he became a police supervisor for the police explorers, and helped direct and organize events for the other children in the program. They do a lot of public service work like directing traffic, park cars at large events etc. They have the full backing of the police force in case of an incident.

sky lantern party

This has played an integral role in his life, and now that he was heading to the police academy. I wanted to make sure we had an extra special birthday party for him. I decided to have the party at a friends house who had a large house, and plenty of other events for the guys to do like swimming, horse shoes and volleyball. I saw an ad on how to make your own sky lanterns.

I decided to check it out, and was pleased with how easy they were to make and that I could paint them, or design them in variety of different ways. I ended up buying wish sky lanterns via these were a great sky lantern. They also added the extra touch of being wishing sky lanterns.

The party was a week away, so I made sure I got my order with same day delivery. I started building them right away. It took about three days to get them all put together and painted. I painted them all dark blue, and painted a police badge on each one. The day before the party I took them all over to my friends house to make sure they were a total surprise to my son.

The day of the party everything went great, and all the guys were having fun. Later in the afternoon we sang happy birthday to my son. Shortly after, me and my friend launched all the sky lanterns and there was big cheer, and my son was visibly touched by the gesture. I gave him a big old hug and told him how proud I was of him. and knew he was going to do great in the police academy.

It was a great moment that I will always treasure. If you are trying to think of a great way to make your next party special, I suggest you try learning how to make a sky lanterns. It’s easy and affordable, and will definitely make your party much more memorable.

St George’s Day

I had an excellent St Georges day this year and although many people do not celebrate it, I am under the belief that it should become an official holiday just like all of the other bank holidays.

St Patrick’s Day is well established in the UK and is a public holiday in Ireland.  However, St Georges day is often forgotten.  It has been called for many times to make St George’s day a bank holiday but there is still no sign of it happening.  A campaign was launched a 2007 and people were very much convinced that the creation of the new bank holiday would happen within a few years but it has yet to take place.

st georges bank holiday

The day goes pretty unnoticed for many people in the UK but St George is actually a patron saint in other countries too.  St George is celebrated in Rio De Janeiro by displaying flowers which are usually red and white in colour with street parties and candle gatherings.  This is known as Sao George.

Celebrations in Catalonia involve exchanging books and roses as a sign of respect and in Greece feasts are held while garlands are hung up in towns all over the entire country.

Other place in the UK also have their patron saints.  Wales has St David, a Celtic monk from the sixth century who was known for attending assembly of holy men.  St Patrick who we have already mentioned is Ireland’s patron saint.  He was known for apparently getting rid of the snakes in Ireland.  Scotland have St Andrew who is known as Christ’s twelve apostles.

Other places which celebrate St Georges day include:

  • Lithuania
  • Moscow
  • Venice
  • Genoa
  • Aragon
  • Georgia
  • Portugal
  • Istanbul
  • Palestine
  • Germany

So for England to have a lesser celebration of the day when we use the St Georges Cross as our national flag seems quite strange.  I hope that one day England can have an official patron saint holiday just as other countries do.